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 Calling All Movie fans

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PostSubject: Calling All Movie fans   Sun Jun 10, 2007 6:28 am

I'm shortly opening a new website called Movie Maniacs.

Fundementally, I am starting it because over on IMDb, some of the boards are being targetted by a serious spammer gang and IMDb are seemingly doing nothing about it.

Basically, one keeps receiving e-mails for new post notifications and when you follow the link, all you get is 'Post deleted'. Then you look at the penultimate post and it is the same. It costs us regulars valuable time and therefore I am opening my own place and a few IMDb friends have expressed a great interest.

I hope you'll all join to show me a bit of support, even if you don't post much (or ever!).

It's always a bit touch and go when opening a new site so hopefully my comrades here on PCN will support me.

Thank you - the link will follow when the grand opening is due!! Very Happy
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Calling All Movie fans
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