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PostSubject: RULES   Sat Mar 31, 2007 10:32 am

Welcome to our friendly community. Whilst some of the topics can be viewed by none members you are required to join to be able to post and reply to any topics. Registration is free and will only takes a few minutes of your time.
Please ensure you use a valid email address as an email containing a link to activate your account here shall be sent to you.
Whilst we hope you enjoy your stay here we would be greatful if you would please adhere to the following.

Please be considerate of all other members.

Administrators of PCN hold no responsibiliy for spam mail .

We will not tolerate ANY spamming of the forums ,foul language or pornographic material


Managment of PC Nightmares

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Number of posts : 112
Registration date : 2007-03-30

PostSubject: Re: RULES   Sat Mar 31, 2007 10:39 am

Keep your account safe.
As most will already know, keeping your forum account safe is one of our main priorities. You should never suffer any problems with your forum account. Should you ever notice any suspicious activity please let us know via private message as soon as possible. Only the administrators of this site are able to access all accounts for security purposes. Administrators here will NEVER change any of the settings within your account unless you ask us to do so. (mainly because were really nice people and what you have in your profile is up to you, were not that nosey!) But did you know that valuable info regarding your account can be accessed via the email server you use. Hotmail and MSN email accounts are not completely secure. There are measures that can be taken to add security but so many choose to ignore the added options. Heres our advice!

1: Go into your Hotmail/MSN email settings and add an alternative email address so should your account ever come under attack you can request all info be forwarded to the alternate email address.
2: NEVER use the same password for your email accounts and other sites to which you register.
3: CHANGE your email account passwords regularly and be sure to have a mixture of numbers and letters to make your password harder to crack.
4: NEVER give hints to what your password could be within any membership profile. For example your password could be your surname with the year you were born, many sites have you give this info prior to joining, hence your password hints being available to the world to see...from within your profile.
5: NEVER give an honest answer to your "secret question", once this has been changed chances of you regaining your hacked account are 0.
6: Make a note of all passwords for sites you have joined and store them elsewhere on your computer. (or you could have a notebook to store these details) DONOT leave your activation emails dormant within your email server.

If you require further info on how to keep your accounts safe or you have become victim to a hacker who has taken over your account feel free to give me a yell and l will do all l can to help.

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