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 converting xvid,divx,avis

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PostSubject: converting xvid,divx,avis   Sat Mar 31, 2007 5:54 am

converting xvid,divx,avis
i was given a dvd disc with xvid on it,which would'nt play on a stand alone dvd player. the pc would play it after installing a codec from here http://www.xvidmovies.com/codec/
i've been looking for something free to convert it : some of the free stuff is abit long winded in trying to understand and really to much like hard work (for me anyway ) and i'm sure you would prefer it easy as well
the reason for recording it in xvid/divx is it takes less room up and it more than likely is a film you have saved to your harddrive :wink:
so if you want to watch it on your dvd player you have to encode it,so i have spent alot of time trying these programs out,the best i have found is dvdsanta. it is fairly easy to use but like all new things you try it takes trial and error
read the tutorial here http://www.afterdawn.com/guides/archive/convert_multiple_formats_to_dvd_dvdsanta.cfm from this 1st page you also have the link to download it.
if your xvid files are on a disc,when you click add media it won't find it,you have to run the disc using media player or powerdvd (for example) then it will find it. so then you can add each file,but remember how large your disc is your going to record to as after encoding the file is alot larger. this encoding does take time,a 42min xvid clip takes 30+mins,3 of those fill a dvd :wink:
then theres the settings,i choose 16:9 widescreen and high res,it came out alittle to large so maybe i should have used medium res !!! you try,you learn so use rewritable discs
dvdsanta is free BUT you get a big watermark saying demo at the top and something along the bottom saying buy blah,blah,but it only stays on for a couple of mins :wink: or pay the $30 for the key if your going to use it alot
dvdsanta also burns to disc after encoding so you don't have to use nero or whatever
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converting xvid,divx,avis
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