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 keep it running as fast as it's meant to

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PostSubject: keep it running as fast as it's meant to   Sat Mar 31, 2007 5:29 am

it's good maintenance to carry out certain tasks on a regular basis to keep your pc running as fast as it used to,the degrading speed is so gradual that you more than likely won't notice it 😉

check how many icons you have in the right hand side of your task bar, there all programs that are running and slowing it down,do you really need them running? certainly you need your firewall and antivirus,maybe you got messenger but the others,if your not using them stop them running on start up, especially things like realplayer Evil or Very Mad and office stuff,just because a program you recently installed put them there dos'nt mean you have to let them
regular defrags help,especially after installing and uninstalling stuff (diskeeper pro is very good for this)
running ccleaner everyday is a very big help,gets rid of all the c---- (link to it on our main home page which you should visit on a regular basis as its constantly being updated with news and links www.pc-nightmares.com )
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keep it running as fast as it's meant to
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